Medium Length Layered Bob Hairstyle

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Medium Bob Haircuts offer a classic look for women of all ages. Whether you are seeking something more trendy or something more traditional, you will likely find the right medium bob hairstyle for you. Medium bobs traditionally sit between the chin and collarbone, but they can range anywhere from the jawline to slightly below the shoulders. In addition to maintaining the classic look, medium Bob haircuts may be stacked or layered to accommodate different facial shapes and to add some volume or texture.

Textured Medium Bob

Woman with textured medium bob hairstyle

Style and texture go together for a medium bob hairstyle. The textured medium bob allows you to show off your layers and add some lift. This style is great for all hair types, from straight to curly. The key to achieving this look is to layer your locks to create a full and textured effect. Popular hair products like mousse and styling wax could be also used to get a messier feel.

Long Bob

Woman with long bob hairstyle

The long bob is a perfect option between a bob and a shoulder-length hairstyle. This style gives you the best of all worlds, being long enough to still show off your layers, but short enough to be easy to style. Long bob cuts can be styled up for a high-volume look, or pulled back for an elegant updo. Long bob haircuts are also great for those with curly or wavy hair, as the extra length will help keep your curls in check.

Shaggy Bob

Woman with shaggy bob hairstyle

The wonderful thing about modern day hairstyles is the versatility and freedom to experiment with different looks. This shaggy bob is another great option for women looking to keep things modern yet classic. This medium length bob style offers lots of volume and texture. This style also works great with wavy hair textures, as it will give you more body and control your waves. To get the right look, ask your stylist to focus on cutting each layer to compliment your natural texture.

Chin Length Bob

Woman with chin length bob hairstyle

For those looking for something a little shorter, chin length bobs are a great option. This style sits just below the chin, giving you a sophisticated yet stylish look. The nice thing about this style is that you can switch up the length and keep it long in the front or sides, or cut it straight across. Like other medium styles, this chin-length bob is easy to style and maintain. Plus, this look is great for those with round or oval face shapes as the length can help to create a slimming effect.

Demi Bob

Woman with demi bob hairstyle

The demi bob is a great update to the classic bob look. This style offers more volume, and is longer in the front than the back, similar to a ā€œUā€ shape. The great thing about this style is that it can be styled up for a special event, or kept down for a more casual look. This cut looks great on all hair textures and can be achieved with a variety of different length bobs.

Medium Bob Haircuts are a timeless look that will never go out of style. Whether you have long or short hair, there is a medium bob hairstyle to suit your needs. Experiment with different lengths, textures and styles to find the perfect medium bob for you and rock the classic look with confidence.

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