Medium Length Swept Back Hairstyle

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Are you up for a hot and cool look? Then why not go for hipster hairstyles? This style has been around for a couple of years now, and it continues to be a trend for people of all ages. Not only does it have a modern, edgy look, but it is also very versatile and can be used to create multiple hairstyles.

person with a side shaved hairstyleSide Shaved Hairstyle

For starters, why not go in for a side shaved hipster hairstyle? This look will give you an edgy, punk-like look that is sure to draw attention and admiration. This is perfect for those who love being out of the ordinary with their hair and style.

person with a tapered sides, layered top hairstyleTapered Sides, Layered Top

Try something a bit more toned-down with a tapered sides and layered top look. This will give you an urban, yet elegant look, perfect for when you’re trying to look your best. It’s still edgy, but it’s a great way to give yourself a polished look for any occasion.

person with an undercut hairstyleUndercut

An undercut is a hot new hipster look right now. This style is perfect for those who don’t like to show too much hair, but also want to stand out in the crowd. It looks amazing when done right, and it’s a great way to show off your wild side.

person wiuth a long quiff hairstyleLong Quiff

If you want to go for a long, but still hipster look, then try a long quiff style. It’s not too involved, but it looks amazing when done right. It’s the perfect way to show off your edgy, creative side.

person with a brush up hairstyleBrush Up

As the name implies, this style is all about volume and texture. It’s messy and free-flowing, but it still looks amazing when done right. It’s perfect for when you want to show off your wild, free side.

person with a textured hairstyleTextured

If you love texture in your hair, then why not go for a textured look? This style is great for those who don’t want a cut that’s too neat, but still looks stylish. You can add a little bit of texture throughout, and it will look amazing.

person with a high bald fadeHigh Bald Fade

For an extra edgy look, try a high bald fade. It’s the perfect way to show off your wild side, and it looks fantastic when done right. This is a great look for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

These are just a few of the many hipster hairstyles that you can try out. There are a lot of different looks that you can go for, from edgy and punk to elegant and modern.
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