Medium Size Hairstyle

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Are you searching for the perfect length for your thin hair? A hairstyle that is neither too long nor too short is the answer! We don’t want to think about making compromises on trendy looks that are stylish yet suitable for thin hair. But don’t worry, medium length hairstyles for thin hair are here to add some volume.

Blunt Bob

A young woman with shoulder-length, straight, dark hair styled in a blunt bob

This flattering hairstyle is exactly the style we need in the list of medium length hairstyles for thin hair. A classic, chic style like a bob with blunt ends is a great look that comes with thinner hair. Moreover, the would-be added volume will also help lessen the thinness. Keep the ends blunt and textured in case you have thin hair so that the shape looks thicker while the thickness stays intact. An excellent way to enhance the classic blunt bob is to style your locks with a deep side part.

Messy Lob

A young woman with shoulder-length, wavy, light brown hair styled messy

This effortless hairstyle shows off the beauty of a choppy line. All you want to snag are some soft curls, which you can achieve by scrunching the ends and then twist with your fingers. Apply some hairspray before styling it, so that the look lasts the entire day. A messy lob gives your locks a lift and eliminates the look of limpness that is sometimes caused by thin hair. Add some fun elements like a color gradient or a glossy finish for an extra stylized look.

Tousled Waves

A young woman with shoulder-length, curly hair styled in tousled waves

Loose, tousled waves are perfect for adding texture and lift to thin hair. Embrace your thin hair texture and create some tousled waves with the help of a texturizing spray. This is an ideal way to make your strands act as if they have more volume. Let your hair remain slightly damp and apply the spray while scrunching your ends at the same time. Undo the waves with your fingers to create some separation and depth. Lastly, add some more texturizing product for extra hold and dimension.

Center-Parted Curls

A young woman with shoulder-length, curly hair styled with a center part

Who said curls don’t look great on thin hair? Curly locks are suitable for thin hair if you know exactly how to style them. Traditionally, thin hair tends to be straighter with fewer curls. To give your thin hair an added boost, try this center-parted hairstyle. It suggests a deeper part to draw attention away from thinner strands. It also uses the fullness of your hair to its maximum potential.

The Tuck-in

A young woman with shoulder-length straight hair styled with one side tucked behind the ear

This on-trend look does provide some volume and texture to thin hair. All you need to do is part your hair on one side, tuck it behind your ear, and leave it open. Alternatively, you can pull the front sections lightly but keep the rest of your hair down. A headband or a simple scarf works great to make the look more edgy and stylish. You can also apply some hairspray for the desired finish. These are just a few of the many trendy medium length hairstyles for
17 Perfect Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair