Medium Undercut Hairstyle

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One haircut that is enjoying popularity among men from different walks of life is the undercut. This classy hairdo works with most types of hair and is easy to maintain. The undercut is versatile since it can suit both casual and formal occasions. It also minimize the time and money spent on self-grooming. To pull off this look you simply need to go to your barber and let him do his magic.

What is an Undercut?

Essentially, an undercut is a type of hairdo in which the sides and back of the hair are trimmed low while the top is kept with enough length. It is commonly combined with other hairdos such as slicked-back, pompadour, and quiff. In some cases, the sides are shaven completely and the remaining hair is combed upward. This type of undercut is called the disconnected undercut.

How to Get the Look?

To create the undercut, you need your barber to work on the sides and back of your hair from the nape of your neck up to the crown. A professional barber can also use a clipper to cut your hair evenly and as short as you’d like. You can also request that he create a fade, starting with a shorter hair length at the nape and increasing to a longer length at the crown.

On the other hand, the disconnected undercut requires the hair to be cut in a very sharp and straight manner. This type of undercut looks most impressive when an individual’s natural parting is visible clearly.

A man with medium-length undercut hairstyle

Styling the Undercut

Depending on the length of the top, you can style the undercut to suit either casual or formal occasions. If you opt for a longer top, you can slick the hair back and to one side. You will need some strong pomade or wax to make sure your hair stays in place throughout the day. To achieve a neat look, make sure to comb your hair in same direction before applying the product.

On the other hand, you may still style the undercut even with a shorter top. In this case, you can sweep the hair upward and to the side, but remember to use a little amount of the product to keep your hair in the place throughout the day.

Fortunately, the undercut is quite easy to maintain and you won’t need special products to keep it looking stylish and neat. A little bit of combing and styling goes a long way as far as keeping your hair looking good is concerned. If you’re feeling adventurous you can use some bright-colored gels to give your hair a unique look.

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