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There’s no denying the fact that short hairstyles for men are the go-to choice for guys who want a low-maintenance style. With anything from a classic crew cut to a more modern look, having shorter hair can create a chic, no-fuss look. Whether you’re looking to give yourself an upgrade with a buzz cut, or want to style a fade, there are a number of haircuts that work with different face shapes and hair types. And having a stylish, low-maintenance look can do wonders for guys who want to mingle with the ladies.

Short Haircuts With A Fade

One of the most popular men’s short hairstyles current is the short haircut with a fade. This style offers plenty of contrast, with the sides and back of the hair clipped very short, often down to the skin, and the top left with more length, to enhance contrast. You’re able to leave as much – or as little – pompadour up top as you’d like, and the fade and skin can be tailored to your liking – from a low, mid or high cut.

man with short hair cut fade

This haircut and style is often seen in the metro-sexual look, and can be further enhanced with a deep part, spikes or other techniques, to create a fuller, more angular shape. This hairstyle can also be beneficial for guys with receding hairlines, as the short length and low-maintenance helps to make the hair look fuller.

Crew Cut

For those who want a timeless, classic hair style, look no further than the crew cut. This look is generally seen as a reserved, professional hairstyle, which is easy to maintain and low-maintenance, only requiring a quick trim every few weeks to keep the look sharp. In this style, all of the hair is clipped to the same length, offering a more mature take on the modern short look.

man with crew cut

This look can also be enhanced by layering, or a part added – you can experiment with the look to your liking. If you want a no-fuss look, though, mix hairstyling products such as pomade or wax, and simply slick the hair into place for a timeless, professional cut.

Textured Crop Cut

For something a little bit more modern and edgy, a textured crop cut is perfect. This style offers something between a crew cut and a more modern short style, with the sides and back cut extremely short, and the top kept to create more texture and thickness. This type of cut works great with curly hair, the thick strands scrunching together to create more texture and volume in the hair.

man with textured crop cut

For those with thin hair, this look can also be beneficial – simply pile it on top of itself to give it a thick, wider look. And using hair products such as hairspray, can keep the look in check, and prevent any errant strands from ruining your look.

So no matter what type of cut or style you’re after, finding the perfect short hairstyle for you is easier than you might think. You can try out anything from a classic look, to a modern fade, to achieve the type of style that looks the best on you – just experiment with different techniques and products until you find the perfect look.

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