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Who doesn’t love a fresh look? And when it comes to freshness, there’s nothing like an undercut haircut. If you are looking to really shake it up and give your hair a bold makeover, a long undercut will do the trick! Men all over the world have been embracing long hair trends and undercut styles for many years for that effortlessly cool and modern look.

Easy Style with Major Impact

Picture of a man with long hair that is undercut

The great thing about the long undercut hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain and can have major impact. You do not need to do anything overly complicated to your hair, just the right amount of precision. An experienced barber can help you style the undercut in to your desired look be it a modern, classic, punk, or even an edgy one. Plus, it gives your hair texture and dimension because of the high contrast.

Accessorize with a Comb-Over

Picture of a man with long hair that is undercut

The comb-over is one of the easiest styles to pull off with a long undercut. You can just slick down the top of your hair and allow the undercut to remain visible. An even better look is when you ‘rock’ the top layer of your hair in a forward motion. The transition created by your comb-over will be highlighted, making your look even more dramatic and eye-catching. To make sure your look is top notch, you can apply the right amount of pomade to make it stay put.

Create a Quiff for Maximum Volume

Picture of a man with long hair that is undercut

If you are looking for a hairstyle that gives you maximum volume, then the quiff is your perfect go-to. To achieve it, you need to style the top of your hair upwards or in a side sweep. The quiff will be the perfect combination of your undercut and the creative precision of a barber. It will give you the appearance of someone who knows what they are doing and is always on top of the latest trends. Even better, when combined with a light facial hair, it gives you an effortlessly, on-trend style.

Try out a Faux Hawk

Picture of a man with long hair that is undercut

Another great hairstyle to bring out your bold side is the faux hawk. To rock this look you need to style the top of your hair as if it were a Mohawk but without the sides shaven. The best thing about this style is that it can be adapted to any look. For example, if you want a sleek sophisticated look, you can just slick back the top of your hair with the help of some styling product. But if you are feeling daring, you can even try out some colour or even spikes to really switch it up.

Mix it Up with a Messy Style

Picture of a man with long hair that is undercut

For those of you who love a playful and youthful look, then a messy style is perfect for you. To create this look, use your fingers and a sparing amount of pomade to style your hair whilst paying special attention to the top of your head. The idea is to work with the texture of your hair to get the most natural look. Plus, you can decide to go for a side part for a more dramatic look or just leave it messy for a delightful look.


The long undercut hairstyle is here to stay. It has remained a favourite amongst men all around the world for its low maintenance look and its ability to give you major hairstyle options. It can leave you looking chic
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