Mens Uppercut Hairstyle

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The classic straight hairstyle never goes out of style and if you’re someone with straight hair looking to update your style, these 25 popular hairstyles for men are sure to be a hit. From a timeless look to an exotic style and everything in between, we’ve rounded up a variety of looks that are perfect for those with straight locks.

Short and Wavy

If you’re looking for a style that will add some texture to your look and make your straight locks stand out a bit, try this short and wavy look. The added waves and volume combined with this classic cut will give you an edgy yet timeless look that is perfect for any occasion.

Picture of a man with short wavy hair


For a style that is short on maintenance and offers a timeless, mature look, nothing beats a spiked style. Whether you prefer a wet look or a more casual, tousled style, this cut will keep your look on point.

Picture of a man with spiked hair

Modern Angles

Add some drama to your style with a modern angle cut. This look offers a sleek, contemporary style that has a timeless edge. The angled cut will draw attention to your face and the vivid color will give you a unique look.

Picture of a man with an angular haircut with bright blue color

Faux Hawk

If you want an eye-catching style that stands out, the faux hawk is the perfect look. This edgy cut keeps the sides short and spikes the top for a style that is sure to turn heads.

Picture of a man with a faux-hawk cut

Buzz Cut

If you’re looking for a style that is hassle-free, try a buzz cut. This style is ideal for those who are on-the-go and prefer a low-maintenance look. The buzz cut features a short, even trim all around for a polished and timeless look.

Picture of a man with a buzz cut

Side Part

This look adds a classic, timeless touch to your style. The side part keeps the sides short and locks the length up top. The side part look is perfect for those who prefer a more conservative style that stands out.

Picture of a man with a side part

Side Swept

This look is just as stylish and mature as a side part, but offers more freedom for creativity. With a side swept style, you can brush your hair up and to the side for a unique, eye-catching look.

Picture of a man with a side-swept hairstyle

Long and Layed

This look adds length and volume to straight hair while still keeping a professional and neat appearance. The long and layed look is perfect for those who want to add some length and texture to their locks.

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