Nail Mermaid Stained Glass Ol Fishy Plain Glitter Nothing Just

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Wow, I can’t believe what I’m seeing here! This stained glass mermaid nail art is absolutely breathtaking! Who knew that painting the nails with intricate and detailed designs can have such an effect?! It looks like the mermaids of our dreams, with an amazing and edgy modern flair.

Details of the Nail Art

The design of this nail art is something to marvel! Swirls of blues and purples meld together to create a regal oceanic effect. A majestic mermaid guards the centerpiece of the design, her trident overlaid on the intricate colors. Each line, each stroke of the brush is seen in the design, and you can easily make out the details of the mermaid and her trident.

A picture of the stunningly detailed mermaid nail art

Colors of the Design

The colors of the design are simply mesmerizing. Swirls of blues and purples go together with a hint of golden glitters here and there to further emphasize the effects of the colors. It is a perfect blend of colors to express the dreamlike vision of the mermaid and her trident.


The design comes from the amazing “PiggieLuv”‘s blog, where the masterful technique can be found. She has the tutorial up, accompanied with a detailed step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.

This stained glass mermaid nail art has to be one of the best designs that I have seen! PiggieLuv truly outdid herself on this one. Wonderful!

PiggieLuv: Stained glass mermaid nail art