Messy Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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For an effortlessly cool style, messy hairstyles are the way to go! Opting for a messy look can be so much fun and add an undeniable bit of charm to any ensemble. Whether you want to try it out for a special occasion or dress down for a night on the town, messy hair is an incredibly versatile style!

Au Naturale

woman with wavy curly medium length hair

If you’re the type of person who loves their hair just the way nature made it, consider using a light hairspray to give your au naturale locks some bounce and body. It will no doubt be the perfect addition to your rock-chic look!

Keeping it Up

woman with medium length hair pulled up

Give your look an unexpected twist and pull the messiness of your locks off to the side. This effortless twist to the traditional messy look is one of the easiest ‘dos to master and it’s cool, casual vibe can carry you through all of your style adventures!

All the Texture

woman with textured hair

Textured hair can be great for achieving the perfect messy look with minimum effort. Whether you opt for waves, curls, or volume, embracing your texture and perhaps braiding it before bed means an effortless morning look that will have you standing out from the crowd!

High Rise Ponytail

woman with medium length ponytail

A messy ponytail is a perfect choice for when you need an effortlessly stylish look in a rush. Try teasing the roots of your ponytail and creating a few messy braids to add character. You can also add a few strategic bobby or even simple ties to add definition.

Spritz it up

woman with medium length hair volumized spray

Enhancing a messy hairstyle with texture spray can provide the best of both worlds. It will give your style some lift and energy that is just what your look needs! Create a messy bedhead look with tousled, textured curls and enhance your style with a light spritz.

Braided Beauty

woman with braid messy hair

Adding a braid or two can add texture to your style while also giving you that carefree texture that everyone loves. Put your own spin on it and crisscross a few braids in the back or incorporate several that are slightly undone. You are sure to love turning your own style up a notch with this messy look!

Creating Volume

woman with messiness medium length hair volumized

Product is key for achieving amazing messy hairstyles. Use a volumizing mousse at the root of your style to create lift that will last all day. Tease your roots for even more volume and be sure to spritz your style for extra definition and hold.

Simple and Sleek

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