Messy Medium Hairstyle

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Messy hairstyles can be fun, effortless and look amazing! If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to upgrade your look, then this is it – a medium length messy hairstyle! This style is perfect for adding a little extra personality to your look and can be styled in various ways.

#1 Feathered


The feathered look is a classic medium length hairstyle and it has recently had a massive revival. This style looks amazing when curled with a flat iron and is great for effortless, subtle evening looks.

#2 Beachy Waves

beachy waves

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and effortless look then beachy waves are perfect for you. This is great for the summer months and is the ideal casual or weekend look. All you need to achieve beachy waves are a curling iron, salt spray, and a little bit of hairspray.

#3 Bohamian Chic

bohemian chic

Your medium, messy look can take a different turn if you go all-out bohemian chic. Add a few curls at the ends of your hair with a curling iron and loosen up the curls with your fingers to get the look you want. Add a cool/funky headband for an extra touch of Boho-chic.

#4 Vintage Glam

vintage glam

Achieve a vintage glam look by pinning a side section of your hair back with barrettes, pins or an accessory of your choice and leaving the rest of the layers to hang. Make sure to use some hairspray to ensure your locks stay put.

#5 Wavy Bob

wavy bob

A great way to modernize a messy medium-length look is to opt for a wavy bob. This style is perfect for any occasion and creates an effortless, modern long bob. Use a flatiron and follow the shape of your head to get the desired look.

#6 Soft Waves

soft waves

The soft waves are perfect for adding a bit of glam to your look. All you need is a curling tong and hairspray to ensure the waves stay in place all day. Use a round brush and blow dry to control your waves and get the shape you want.

#7 Half-Up Half-Down

half-up, half-down

This style is perfect for a night out or special event. All you need to do is create some waves on your hair and pin the front section of locks to the back of your head. Alternatively, you can also add some curls with a curling iron for added volume.

No matter your taste, messy hairstyles are the perfect way to give your look a modern update. Whether you prefer vintage glam, bohemian chic, or soft waves you can rest assure knowing you will look and feel amazing with a medium length, messy hairstyle. With these 7 stunning options, you are sure to find the perfect look to create your signature
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