Mickey Mouse Hairstyle With Braids

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It’s time to re-imagine your hair styling by trying out a new look. Do you love the idea of a cute Mickey Mouse hairstyle? Then you are in luck! This fun look is perfect for a stylish, yet flirty look that is easy to rock.

1. Start by creating a center part

Start by creating a center part for an easy and timeless look, with all hair tucked behind the ears.

woman with her hair in a neat ponytail, a few strands of hair around her face

2. Create two ponytails

Take strands of hair on the right and create a ponytail. Make sure to keep it tight and neat. Then, take the same parts of hair on the left side and create a second ponytail.

woman with two ponytails, one on each side of her head and tucked behind her ears

3. Secure the ponytails

Secure the ponytails with elastic bands and make sure to keep it tight without any loose strands.

woman with two ponytails, each secured in place with a hair elastic

4. Twist the two tails

Twist the two ponytails over one another in an upside-down figure 8 shape.

woman with her hair in a cute figure 8 shape resembling Mickey Mouse ears

5. Secure the twist

Secure the twist with a hair elastic or bobby pins for a little extra security and hold.

woman with her hair in a Mickey Mouse hairstyle with an elastic holding it in place

6. Voluminize the ears

You can fluff the two ears a little to make them look voluminous and cute.

woman with voluminous Mickey Mouse hairstyle that is super cute

And that is it! You now have a stunning and unique Mickey Mouse themed hairstyle that you can rock for any occasion. Have fun with this look and combine it with some of your favorite accessories.

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