Mid Length Choppy Hairstyle

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Like it or not, your hairstyle can say a lot about you! From fun and flirty to elegant and sophisticated, the hairstyle you choose can represent who you are and how you feel. With this in mind, opting for a medium length hairstyle, one that falls right in between a short and long cut, may just be the perfect option for you.

Choppy Layers

Medium length choppy hairstyle with layers

Choppy layers give an eye-catching texture and dimension to any style. This is perfect for those with fine to medium hair, as the length will add more volume to the strands. As an added bonus, the thickness of each layer and the amount of texture that can be added to this style, allows for almost unlimited styling possibilities, making it a great go-to look.

Shoulder-Sweeping Bangs

Medium length choppy hairstyle with bangs

If you want to make a bold statement with your medium length hairstyle, opt for shoulder-sweeping bangs. Bangs are a great way to add depth to any haircut and this style looks particularly good on those with oval or round shaped faces. With the right bangs, you can give your hair a sleek and polished look, or opt for choppy, wispy bangs for a more relaxed look.

Slight Curls

Medium length choppy hairstyle with slight curls

You can also make use of light curls and braids with your medium length hairstyle. Not only will they add visual interest, they can also make you look more mature and elegant. This look is especially great for those with naturally curly hair, as its a great way to make use of the texture and give yourself a more finished style.

Tousled Waves

Medium length choppy hairstyle with tousled waves

If you want something romantic and effortless, why not give tousled waves a try? This is a great look for those who have natural waves, as the texture from the waves will give the style extra movement. This look is also perfect for special occasions or a night out.

Fancy Up-Dos

Up-do hairstyle with medium length choppy hairstyle

For those special occasions, you can also go for a more dressed-up style, like an up-do. Not only will it keep your hair out of the way, it will also add sophistication and grace to your look. Pigtails, ribbon, and curls are all elements that can be used to enhance the up-do. This look is also incredibly versatile and can be worn for a multitude of events.

Medium length hairstyles are incredibly versatile and offer a variety of styling options. Whether you prefer subtle or bold, you are sure to find a style that suits you and your lifestyle. With the right tools and products, you can achieve a look that is both chic and effortless. So go ahead, express yourself through your hairstyle, and start playing with your locks today!

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