Mini Bob Hairstyle

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A new hairstyle can seem like a big commitment — drastically changing your look and making it difficult to revert if you don’t like the results. Which is why something like Mini Bobs can be a fantastic option. It still offers a fresh look, with much of the same styling as a full bob, but without being a drastic change. Plus, it’s a timeless style that’s been around for decades, so you know it will make you look good.

Why Do People Love Mini Bobs?

A woman with short bob hairstyle

Mini Bobs are a great way to add a modern touch to a classic look. The length and structure of the style are popular with those who want a chic and effortless look while still saving time on styling—the lower section of the style is often shaped around the head, so you won’t have to style each individual curl or wave. It’s also an look that can have personality, texture, and volume added to it depending on your styling need and you can also add a few flowing locks just around the ear to keep it looking smooth and natural.

Ways To Wear Mini Bobs

Mini Bobs can be worn with any hair type—from curly to wavy, and even with afro-textured hair. Whether you prefer to keep your look soft and natural, or glam with plenty of volume and texture, there is a way to make the Mini Bobs work for you. One of the most popular looks within the Mini Bobs trend is to keep the sides short and sleek, and to bring the volume and texture to the top section of the style. This allows for natural, voluminous hair with lots of movement, created by adding light layers, and can be finished with outwards or inwards curls. If you’re looking for an even more sophisticated look, you can opt for an all-around cut, which gives more of a modern, clean shape with a slight angle in the back and sides.

If you’re not ready to make the commitment to a shorter, more structured look, you can try creating the mini bob with a few clip-in extensions. This will be a great way to give your look a fresh start without having to go the extra miles. Simply clip in a few extensions where you want to add volume, curl them, and style.

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