Easy 4th Of July Nail Art

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This July 4th, give your nails the patriotic treatment with this easy-to-do, 4th of July nail art. Adding a pop of red, white and blue serve as the perfect accessory for your party ensemble. Try these simple looks for yourself and feel proud to show off your pride for your country in a fun and flirty way.

Stripes & Stars

Pair blue and white with some gold stars and complete the look with a matte top coat. For a look that’s a little more edgy and punk, try adding a bit of black on the stars. This look works best on medium to long nails and to get the striped look, opt for a nail striping detailing brush.

picture of fingers with blue and white nailpolish and gold stars

Red, White and Blue

A classic way to sport your American pride is with a red, white and blue mani. Layer red and blue and white on alternating nails then top it off with a glossy top coat. To jazz it up a bit, add some of your favorite nail art glitter. Gold or silver would look great for the special occasion.

Cherry Print

For a more feminine look, keep nails a light pink shade then top it off with a cherry 3d print. This look gives off a sweet, summer vibe that’s classy for any occasion. To get this vibe, apply the 3d print on the ring finger or middle finger for a splash of fun in your look.

Polka Dots

Polka dots can be done in any color combination. To get a 4th of July vibe, use a combination of white, red and blue to add some festive flare. To get the perfect circle shape and size, use the back of a bobby pin to create the dots. Give your nails a long lasting look with a glossy top coat.

Firework Nail Art

For a unique take on the classic American pride nails, try fireworks. A combination of gold, silver, white and blue can look beautiful for the occasion. Start off with a mid tone blue then add color and texture. Texture can be made using teal, royal blue and dark navy polish. Finish the firework look with a couple of sparkly glitters.

Whichever 4th of July nail art you choose, rock it proudly. The most important thing is that you have fun, feel confident and enjoy your holiday in style.

Easy 4th of July Nail Art - Sorority Fashion