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The glamorous French Manicure And Holographic Bows nail art style is a popular choice for events, parties and special occasions. This style of nail art combines two classic styles. The French Manicure brings out a natural look, whilst the Holographic Bows bring the extra sparkles to create a truly stunning look.

French Manicure

Picture showing French Manicure and Holographic Bows Nail Art

The French Manicure look is made from a classic combination of a comestic white tip. This ensures that a natural frame is provided for the design, allowing it to be seen from any angle. If a bolder look is sought then the entire nail can be painted with a white tip and then the basecoat of the color can be added.

Holographic Bows

Picture showing French Manicure and Holographic Bows Nail Art

To add the final touch of magic to the French Manicure, Holographic Bows can be used to create a sparkly effect. The bows are available in various colors and shapes and can be applied to the ends of the nails to achieve the desired look. Holographic Bows can also be used to accessorize other styles of nail art and they look great with the classic French Manicure look.

Creating the Look

To create the perfect French Manicure and Holographic Bows nail art look, start by painting the nails white. This creates a base that the other colors will stand out against. Then, choose two different colors for the holographic bows and apply these to the tips of the nails. Finally, use a glossy topcoat to give the nails a polished, luxurious finish.

The French Manicure and Holographic Bows look is a simple but striking style of nail art that will turn heads. The combination of the classic French Manicure and the sparkly Holographic Bows brings together a truly stunning design that can be tailored to special occasions or used to make any day special. So don’t be afraid to put a bit of sparkle and glamour into your nails with this stunning style of nail art.
French Manicure And Holographic Bows nail art by Make Nail Art