Nailuminium: Bp Store Review: Nail Art Wheel & Brushes

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Having gorgeous, creative and stylish nails is every girl’s dream. That said, it is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, money and commitment to get the perfect nails. Nail art brushes, nail wheels and nail appliques can come in handy to get the perfect designs on your nails. Nailuminium’s Nail Art Wheel & Brushes are a great option for those curious about trying out nail art.

Features of Nailuminium’s Nail Art Wheel & Brushes

Nail art tools and toolsets help in creating interesting designs on nails. Nailuminium’s Set consists of 12 paint brushes of different shapes and sizes, perfect for any and every kind of designs. The bristles are made of synthetic material, which is quite long-lasting. Additionally, the nail wheel set is made of stainless steel nails, with 12 different shapes. The hooks on the wheel, help in easy handling and holding the wheel.

How do the brushes work?

The brushes of Nailuminium’s Nail Art Wheel & Brushes glide smoothly on nails, helping in precise and precise painting and designs. The accuracy and creativity you can get with these brushes is simply astonishing. Additionally, the bristles don’t stray, enabling you to create perfect shapes. Different shapes and sizes of brushes help in creating various patterns like abstract art, French tips, characters and symbols, and a lot of more.

Putting the wheel to the test

We put the wheel and brushes of Nailuminium’s set to the test. We swirled the brush over the wheels, creating various patterns. The accuracy of the shapes and designs was simply amazing. We then moved to creating more intricate designs with the brushes. Shockingly, the brushes were really easy to use and the results were awesome. The accuracy we were able to achieve, was simply amazing.


The cost of the Nail Art Wheel & Brushes Kit is quite reasonable, having an average cost of around $14.99. This is an awesome price considering the quality, intricacy of the designs and the fact that the brushes are long-lasting. The purchase could prove to be very beneficial in the long run as it enables one to try out various nail art designs.


To sum it up, to try out amazing nail art with great accuracy. Nailuminium’s Nail Art Wheel & Brushes have it all. Moreover, the price of the kit is extremely reasonable, rendering the purchase a wise one. With the Nail Art Wheel & Brushes Kit, you will be able to create amazing nail art designs without spending loads of money.

Nailuminium: BP Store Review: Nail Art Wheel & Brushes