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It’s almost Christmas once again, and for some people, this is the time to dress up your nails and try the festive nail designs that match the holiday season. If you are looking for cute and festive Christmas nail art designs, here are 6 of them that might be perfect to add some spirit.

Snowman Nail Art

Snowman nail art design on woman's nails

This design will bring a smile to everyone’s face. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want and with the appropriate nail polishes, it will really turn out beautiful. Start by painting a winter blue as the base color and draw in the white snowman on the regular nails. For the accent nails, you can make purple snowflakes and white stars.

Christmas Tree Nail Art

Christmas tree nail art design on woman's nails

Put yourself in the celebratory mood with this Christmas tree nail art. Paint all your nails with a metallic red nail polish and draw in a Christmas tree on your thumb using a gold or silver glitter. To add a touch of festivity, glue on some tiny crystals or glitter.

Penguin Nail Art

Penguin nail art design on woman's nails

Ask your manicurist to draw a little penguin with a Santa hat on the nail of your choice. For the other nails, you can use glitters, light blue background and glitters to give the nails festive appeal. A penguin themed Christmas design might be a great way to present the holiday cheer.

Fireworks Nail Art

Fireworks nail art design on woman's nails

Celebrate the holidays with a stunning fireworks design. For the base, paint it black and use glitter alongside lovely pastel shades of pink, blue and purple. You can even add tiny stars and multicolored glitters to the nail design to make it look like a fireworks display.

Holly Jolly Nail Art

Holly jolly nail art design on woman's nails

Capture Christmas and its symbols in this simple design. For the base, use a light pink nail polish and add holly and jolly characters, red and green stars, poinsettia, ornaments and Santa outside on the nails. For the accent nail, pick any sparkly red or gold nail polish with some glitter to capture the holiday spirit.

Reindeer Nail Art

Reindeer nail art design on woman's nails

For a classier look, this reindeer nail art could give you the Christmas vibe. For the base, use metallic gold nail polish and draw a tiny reindeer with red, white and light brown for the antlers. To complete the mood, you could even draw little snowflakes or little Christmas trees with the same polish shades.

The festive season is near so why not get into the mood with these beautiful Christmas nail arts? Try these wonderful designs and spruce up your holiday look with these nail art designs.

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