15+ Cool Nail Art Designs

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Polish off your look with super cool nail art designs! Whether you’re going for a fresh, fun manicure, or something more on the daring side, there is something for everyone who wants to get creative with your nails! These 15+ cool designs will definitely make your tips stand out and will jazz up any outfit. Try getting inspired from the designs, or creating something especially unique.

Base Design

Chic and classic black and white chevron pattern

Kick things off with a classic chevron pattern! This black and white design is perfect for those who like to keep it simple, yet still stand out. Your nails will look stylish and timeless in this base design.

Lace Accent

A pink and white lace design for a romantic look

Show off some romantic vibes with a lace accent nail! A mix of pink and white looks delicate and sweet, and you’ll love the way it complements the base design. You’ll be the star of any Valentine’s Day party!

Abstract Stripes

Abstract stripes of red, purple, and pink

Want something a bit more daring? Get wacky with an abstract design! Using tones of red, purple, and pink, these stripes give out bold and daring vibes. Give an edge to your look with this abstract design perfect for those who like to make a statement.

Brilliant Jewels

White nails with detailed jewels

Let your nails shine like jewels! Glittery pinks and whites draw attention to your nails and add a glamorous flair to your nails. Accessorizing your tips with this design can be perfect for when you’re feeling like royalty.

Minimalistic Floral

Matrix design of gold and white flowers

For the minimalistic type, this design is perfect for you! Using a mix of matte white and gold, this design looks chic and sophisticated. The complex matrix of flowers adds to the simple elegance of this look.

Chunky Glitter

Gold and silver glitter for a shiny effect

Of course, glitter is never a wrong choice when it comes to nail art! Put some sparkle on your tips with a mix of gold and silver chunky glitter. This design is perfect for adding extra shine to your night out look.

Pretty in Pastel

Light purple and pink ombre nails

Create a soft, feminine look with a pastel pink and light purple ombre. The perfect balance between matte and glossy makes this design look delicate and sweet. Keep it minimal and low-key with this soft look!

Strawberry Crush

White tip nails with little strawberries

Take your cuteness up to the next level with these little strawberry tips! Red, white, and black tones combine to make these nails look like a dessert. The intricate detailing adds an extra playful feel to your look.

Matte Dreary