26 Epically Funny Pinterest Manicure Fails — Pinterest Nail Art Fails

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There’s no doubt about it – nail art is an eye-catching way to make a fashion statement. And if you feel like getting creative, the increased popularity of various nail art techniques has forced the beauty industry to create crazy and creative options for those of us who want to give it a go. But not all of us have an eye for style – what looks good to one person may not necessarily be well-received by others. Pinterest is a veritable treasure trove of nail art inspiration, yet some of the creations featured there can best be described as… well, equally amusing and impressive.

Cats and More Cats

Cat inspired manicure featuring four different cat breeds

Is someone cat-obsessed? This manicure might be the perfect way to express yourself. Featuring four different kinds of cats and a variety of colors and shapes, it’s sure to turn heads. But be warned – if you don’t love cats, you may end up having second thoughts about this particular kind of nails.

More is Better… Right?

Manicure featuring an overabundance of detail

When it comes to details, sometimes it can be hard to draw the line between too much and too little. This manicure takes the concept of an intricate design to the extreme, leaving the onlooker divided between admiration and confusion. Regardless of its aesthetic appeal, it’s sure to make its wearer stand out from the crowd.

To Infinity and Beyond

Manicure featuring galaxies, asteroids, and astronaut figures

Let’s face it – this one is sheer genius! The stars, galaxies, and asteroids are the perfect backdrop for these space adventurers. A tribute to those brave enough to take a trip into the unknown, this manicure is sure to make any sci-fi fan excited. Plus, it looks amazing.

The Red Eye

Manicure featuring a large red eye

This red eye-inspired nail art is sure to get people talking. A little creepy yet undeniably mesmerizing, this manicure is a great way to show your adventurous side. Just be aware that the fact that it looks a bit like an eye might get a few horrified looks if you’re out and about in public!

Breaking the Rules

Manicure featuring fruits, vegetables, music singles, and even a rose

This manicure is a bold statement. Featuring everything from fruits and vegetables to roses and music singles, it breaks all the boundaries of conventional nail art in a fun and interesting way. Best of all, it proves that you don’t have to stick to one pattern or idea if you don’t want to – the sky is the limit!

From cats to vegetables to intricate designs, there are plenty of creative and inspiring ideas to try out when it comes to nail art. And if you’re feeling shaky about tackling complicated patterns, these creatively inspiring Pinterest nail art fails should be enough to get your creative juices flowing. Who knows, you might end up coming up with something that’s truly extraordinary!

26 Epically Funny Pinterest Manicure Fails — Pinterest Nail Art Fails