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Look no further for that ultimate statement nail look: flower nail art adorns the nails with an undeniable and arresting beauty. It’s a great way to show off your creative skills and get admired for your attention to detail. Flower nail art requires a bit of practice and skill, but with proper guidance, you can easily create this inimitable look at home. Let’s get started!

Nature’s Inspiration

For flower nail art, you don’t need to get inspired from real-life flowers. However, observing their characteristics, like the detailed petals, their texture and the accurate folds will help you to create a realistic look. Once you get familiar with the various parts of the flower, you can apply them to create a beautiful nail design.

Black flower petals on a beige background

Tools and Supplies

You need practice and patience, but also some special tools and supplies. First of all, you will have to have colorful polish, more specifically the colors of the flower you want to recreate. A precision nail art brush is also important. With it, you can draw finer details and make curves much easier. An acrylic paint set is made up of small mixtures of paints with various colors and shades. You can use these to customize the color and to make the flowers look more realistic. Then, top it all off with a quick-dry top coat.

Start Drawing

Start at the centre of the flower. Dip the brush in the polish, lightly draw small details like opposing petals with a single stroke, and then let it dry. The brush should have a single snag at the end, and a thick body towards the handle. This is to add more precision in the details. Dip it in the polish once again and use a curve stroke to form a spiked petal. When you’re done, let it rest for a few minutes. Vary the shades and mix different colors to create a unique look. Then, you can use the details of the acrylic paint to draw the little details and make the flower more realistic.

Finish Up

Once the flower’s petals are finished, place the design at the desired area of your nail. Acrylic paint is the perfect choice to get that fine designed petal and make it stay put. For the uniformity, you can use the same color to complete the design, or mix different shades and make a symmetric pattern. After that, clean the surrounding areas with a nail-polish remover, and ‘voila!’ your flower nail art is ready. Finally, finish with a quick-dry top coat, and prepare to make a statement with your fabulous nails!

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