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Everyone knows that the festive season is coming and Christmas is just around the corner, which is the perfect time to spruce up one’s nails with festive designs. Let us show you the 6 chic Christmas nail art designs that you don’t want to miss!

1. Classic Red with Snowman

classic red winter themed Christmas design with a snowman

Christmas never gets old with the classic red nail polish. Adding some snowmen on the nails gives a winter-themed appeal to your normal red nails. If you’re looking for something that screams Christmas but remains conservative, then this is the perfect design for you.

2. Holly and Berries

holly and berry themed Christmas design

This design features the iconic holly with brightred berries and green leaves. The leaving and berries are mostly done with stickers and dots, while simple lines are enough to form the holly leaves. Get creative and bring out your inner artist!

3. Snowflakes and Glitter

snowflakes and glitter themed Christmas design

This design is bound to make you stand out of the crowd with glitter, snowflakes and rhinestones. Going the extra step to add glitter and rhinestones to your nails is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. Glitter and snowflakes could very well become your Christmas staple from now on.

4. White Snow Scenes

white snow scenes themed Christmas design

This design is perfect for those who loves subtle nail art and yet want to get into the Christmas spirit. Use white nail polish and draw little snow scenes on your nails. You can add rhinestones, Santa, reindeers and even sleighs to give your nails an even more festive look.

5. Christmas Tree

Christmas tree themed Christmas design

This design is for those who want to get a little too festive with their nails. It features Christmas trees with ribbons, baubles and even ornaments. You can go full-on with this design and even add some words to it. Just use your imagination and get creative.

6. Lucky Trees

lucky tree themed Christmas design

This design, famously known as the lucky tree, is a beautiful red color with a three leaved branch, a good luck symbol. Despite the Asian influences behind, you don’t have to stay around this region to get this look. Just apply the nail polish, paint the trifoliate branch and you can get the design easily.

So, spruce up your nails with these amazing Christmas designs and let the festive season take over. Don’t forget to flaunt your new nails and to look and feel your best!

6 Christmas Nail Art Designs | GirlStyle Singapore