Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

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Having short nails can be difficult when you want to try out a new, fabulous manicure. However, not all of us can master a long nail art design or can keep our long nails looking neat and polished all the time. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful nail art designs perfect for short nails that can look equally as stunning, if not more! Let us take a look at some of the nail art designs for short nails.

Polka Dot Nails

Short nails with multi-color polka dots

Polka dots go a long way! It is such a classic and timeless nail art design that looks chic and playful. The possibilities for color combinations are endless, whether you’re going for subtle, intense, or gradient effects. Start out by applying a layer of base coat and let your nail dry. You can then choose two or more colors of your choice, a nail dotting tool or bobby pin, and get to work! Create dot patterns on each of your nails and let it dry, then finish off the look with a top coat.

Textured Nail Look

Short nails with rainbow squares

Adding a textured design to your nails is an easy nail art look great for those with short nails. This look is extremely simple and can be achieved with the use of an adhesive vinyl. Play around with the adhesive vinyls available, ranging from holo, marble to zebra, and find one you’d like for your nails. Once you have cut it to size, simply press it onto your nails and file away the excess from the sides. For a more detailed finish you can use a brush or a dotting tool with nail polish.

Glitter Gradient Tip

Short nails with gold glitter tips

Adding glitter to your manicure can take it from plain to glam! Glitter tip nails are one of the easier nail art designs for short nails that you can do at home. All you’ll need is two polishes of your choice and a glitter polish. Start by applying a base coat then two coats of your polish choice. Then use a makeup sponge to slowly build up the glitter polish at the tips of your nails. Let the glitter polish dry and then finish it off with a top coat.

Negative Space Design

Short nails with grey lace pattern

Negative space designs are an interesting art form that allows you to create intricate patterns without much difficulty. First, apply a base coat and then two layers of color of your choice. Make sure the polish is completely dry before getting to your nail art designs for short nails. Use a wide striping brush to create the lace pattern on each of your nails. Leave a small margin from the side of each nail, and then remove the excess polish with nail-polish cleaner.

Stamped Nails

Short nails with free-hand patterns

Stamped nails are all the rage right now! Even if you’re not much of an artist, you can create incredible nail art designs with the help of stamping. All you’re going to need are polishes in different colors, an acrylic stamping sheet, a stamper, and a scraper. Start off by painting your nails with a base coat and then one or two coats of your chosen polish. Cut out the desired design from the stamping sheet and scrape away any excess. Finally, roll the stamper
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