23 Easy Nail Art Hacks You Can Do On Yourself!

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Have you ever tried to do your own nail art but kept getting terrible results? We’ve been there too! Nail art can sometimes be tricky, but not necessarily impossible. We still have you covered with this list of creative nail art hacks that can help you achieve your desired design.

Add a touch of silver or gold

photo of silver and gold nails with dots

Adding a touch of silver or gold with a few strategically placed dots can really make your manicure stand out. Try making two dots along the side of your nail bed for a unique and fun look.

Tape done right

Using tape to help you draw a pattern on your nails can be a great way to obtain precision, but make sure you do it correctly. Before you apply the tape to your nail, place it on your hand to create a softer and more even application when used on the nail.

Stamping plates for a perfect accent

If you’re looking for the perfect accent to your nails, why not try using a stamping plate? For starters, start with simple designs and once you get the hang of using the plate correctly you can move onto more intricate designs.

Create any design with dental floss

Using dental floss to paint a thin line is great for any design. You can use dental floss of different shapes or sizes to make all kinds of designs. Plus, you can reuse the dental floss multiple times before replacing it.

Create watercolour effects

Create beautiful watercolour effects on your nails with some white nail polish and a few drops of colour. Just dip a toothpick into colour and drop it in the white. You can then swoosh the colours around on your nail to create a watercolour look.

Make a glitter gradiant more vibrant

Tired of glitter gradiants that just don’t look bright enough? Take your favourite nail polish and place some drops over the glitter, then blend it together with a brush. This will create a much more vibrant and consistent colour.

More colour and texture with a sponge

For designs that need more color or texture, you can use a makeup sponge to apply the colour. This will give your nails a thicker and more vibrant colour with a smooth texture. Make sure the polish is still wet when you apply it, as this will help with an even application.

Receive French manicure perfection with a pen

If you’re looking to achieve a French manicure without having to paint over the line, try using a nail art pen. This will give you more control over which lines you want to apply, and you won’t risk making any mistakes.

Fix smudged polish with black

If you’ve smudged your nail polish but are too lazy to reapply, no worries, just use a black nail pen or black polish. This will help cover any imperfections and give you that clean and finished look.

Start nail art shopping

If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, there are many online stores where you can buy nail art supplies. This is a great way to save time and money. You’ll still get the look you want, but with much less effort.

Ready to start hacking your way to the perfect nail art? Give these hacks a try and you’ll be sure to have your nails looking amazing in no time!

23 Easy Nail Art Hacks You Can Do On Yourself!