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There’s now a whole new way to experience the fun of nail art and design, and it’s with the CPMA DIY nail art silicone mat stamping decals. This unique nail art solution is the ultimate way for anyone to express their creativity, allowing them to create diverse, colorful and intricate designs. Simply dive in and start exploring your creative side with this amazing product.

The Mat Stamping Method

The CPMA DIY nail art silicone mat stamping decals come with a unique, tried and tested mat stamping method. With this method, by just pressing down onto the decals, it’s easy to create complex and stunning patterns. Whether it’s a classic zig zag French manicure or tribal patterns, let your creativity run wild and you’ll end up with fabulous results.

It’s a user-friendly method that takes minimal effort and makes it easy for anyone to achieve stylized and premium quality results. Mat stamping is a safe and secure way of applying nail polish and colors, as it doesn’t require using a striper brush, which can be tricky and require extra effort. The art of achieving your desired look can be easily done with this innovative method.

Materials and Designs

The CPMA DIY nail art silicone mat stamping decals come in a variety of designs, to suit all kinds of styles. With each set you will receive a stamping mat, 24 decals, and a metal scraper tool. Use the mat and the tool to texture and pattern the stamping decals and make creative and unique designs that you’ll love. Experiment with the tools to experience the various possibilities and colors. Aside from the decals, you’ll also get two practice plates, to help you learn the art of nail design and try out different looks.

Complete Your Look

Once the designs are stamped to the nails, all the polishing and painting can take place, transforming the overall look. Team your chosen design with a vibrant color for a totally polished finish. Or use metallic color for a romantic, shimmering effect. To complete the look, accessorize it with some shinning gems and you’ll be all ready to go.

Nail designs have become extremely popular and are only getting more playful and sassy. People are using these designs as an accessory to their outfits, to give them a finished and stylish look. With the CPMA DIY nail art silicone mat stamping decals, you can enjoy the freedom to express yourself, while taking advantage of a secure and easy-to-use method.

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