15+ Cool Nail Art Designs

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Brave it and have fun with your nails! Nothing boosts the confidence of a lady like a set of perfectly done nails. With creativity ranging from some of the simplest designs to a crazily colorful pattern, nails can be accessorized with a lot of style. You can flaunt your personality with your nail art and make a statement.

Geometric Design

Design of a geometric pattern on a nail

A simple line dividing the nails in a half can look quite stylish. Or an elegant triangle drawn on the nail gives an architectural look. Stamp it out with different standard shapes like squares, rectangles, hexagons, pentagons and even wave pattern.

Polka Dots

Design of black polka dots on a rainbow color background on a nail

Well who does not know about the classic polka dot design? There’s nothing like it in the world of nail art. Whether you go tiny or large with the polka dot size, beautiful nails will be the outcome. And playing with different color combinations is never a problem.


Design of purple flowers on a black background on a nail

Spruce up your nails with beautiful flora designs. Floral patterns painted on the nail give a ladylike and gentle touch to the persona. Those with a steady hand can try the intricate and elegant patterns, and for others there are some easy yet classy designs.


Glittery nail art design

Add some pop to nails with the glitter. You can get shiny and attention grabbing nails with a coat of glitter paint. Not to mention, clubbing or an evening party is incomplete without some or the other colorful glittery nails. Do it as a full nail paint, or as an accent with other nail designs.


Design of white stripes on a pastel background on a nail

Stripes have their own universal design which never get out of trend. Horizontal or vertical, thick or thin, the combination of paintings you can use in your nails are uncountable. Stripes on your nails can also be fun, either by mixing and matching the colors, or using some solid glow in the dark or neon shades.

French Manicure

French manicure nail art design

Ah! Who does not dream about flaunting their perfect French-manicured nails in the boardroom or even their own living room. Going for the classic French manicure look can be effective and an all time favorite. All you need is a steady hand and patience. With a bit of practice though, you can master this style in no time.

Avoid being boring and mundane with your nails with these cool nail art designs! Strikingly stylish treatments that compliments your personality can be done easily with these awesome ideas. Step outside the conventional color palette, show off some creativity and be stridently fashionable!

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