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Nail art is the one fashion trend that never seems to go out of style. Even as other trends come and go, nailing the perfect look for your nails remains constant. In fact, it’s becoming more popular than ever before. Now, more people than ever are looking for trends and designs that are unique to their personal style. And now our favorite salon has incorporated art into their nail styling—removing simple color and design, and instead creating intricate works of art on each finger!

Bold and Bright

Brightly colored flower and paisley designs on finger nails

For those who are feeling a bit daring and are looking for something that stands out, our favorite salon is perfect for granting those desires. With bright and beautiful colors and organic, abstract designs that cover each nail, you can go from your everyday look to something totally out-of-the-ordinary. From incredible paisley patterns to eye-catching floral designs, these nail art pieces create the perfect accent to any outfit.

Unique Details

Unique and intricate details on finger nails

But even more impressive than the bold designs is the attention to detail that this salon puts into every single nail. Not only do they incorporate intricate patterns and shapes, but they create the most unique details to really make each nail stand out. From adding cute little hearts or butterflies to using small rhinestones for extra shimmer, the end result of each nail always leaves us awestruck.

The Final Look

Finger nails with paisley, abstract, floral designs and little details

The look that you will get after your visit to this salon is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The end result is something that you will not only be proud to show off, but you will be inspired by the work that was put into making your nails look truly spectacular. So go ahead and get ready to experience the beauty of art and nails in one amazing package.

This Salon Puts the Art in Nail Art - MobiSpirit