Gemseren Uk Beauty Blog: Simple Daisy Nail Art

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If you’re looking for a simple, yet unique nail art design, consider giving daisy nails a try. This manicure uses just a few polishes for maximum impact and is sure to be the envy of your friends.

Creating Your Nail Art

To start with your daisy nails, begin by applying a base polish. Choose a pastel shade that best compliments your skin tone. You can also choose to use a clear base, if you plan on only adding the daisy design. Next, take a white lacquer and paint little circles on the nails. These will form the middle of your daisies.

Now, use a light yellow shade of polish and create thin lines that start at the middle of your daisies and extend outward. Your design should look like little petals now. To make your petals stand out more, you can apply another layer of yellow nail polish. Just make sure the center is not filled so your daisy appearance is not lost. Finally, to finish your daisy nails, apply a clear top coat.

Fun Variations

This manicure can be further customized to your own tastes. Try adding a few more petals and varying their thickness to create a more realistic daisy look. Additionally, if you want your daisies to really stand out, try using a matte top coat so the petals appear more defined.

If you really want to go all out, you can try adding some small yellow gems to the center of your daisies. This will give your nails a glamorous and sparkly touch. Plus, if you change the colors around, you can create a whole new manicure look.


Daisy nails offer a unique look that is both simple and fun to create. This manicure style is also open to many variations, so you can customize your design to your own personal style. And if you’re feeling extra daring, throw in some small gems for a finished look that is sure to turn heads!

GemSeren UK Beauty Blog: Simple Daisy Nail Art