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Nail art is becoming more and more popular for fashion conscious people. In particular, stripes are a popular choice for adding a little flair to one’s nails. Creating stripes can be done in any color combination, making them a great choice for any look. With a few simple tips, you can create stripe designs that are sure to turn heads.

Preparing Nails

The first step to creating stripe designs is to make sure the nail is completely clean. Begin by pushing any cuticles back and then filing the nails to the desired shape. Never try to cut cuticles or nails with any scissors, as this can cause the nails to become infected. Once the nails are the desired shape, use a buffer to buff them to a bright, even sheen.

Starting the Design

Now that the nails are prepped and clean, it’s time to begin applying the striped design. To start, gather the colors you plan to use. Make sure to have a contrasting color for the best stripes effect. Apply a base coat to the nails and allow to dry thoroughly before beginning the design process.

woman's hand with alternating pink and white stripes on nude colored nailsCreating Striped Designs

The easiest method to create stripes is to use a striper or liner brush to draw them directly on the nail. Dip the brush into the desired polish and then, starting at the edge of the nail, draw a thin line. Keep the line as even as possible and move your way to the other side of the nail. Make sure to continuously dip the brush into the polish for full coverage. For varying widths, start with the thinnest line across the center of the target nail. Then, start from the sides and move outward, adding thicker lines until you reach the desired size. If you want to create zig-zag or curved stripes, start from the base of the nail and drag the brush in the desired direction, creating either larger or smaller stripes, depending on the brush pressure.

Finishing the Design

Once the stripes are in place, allow the polish to dry completely before applying a topcoat. When finished, use a cuticle oil to nourish the nails, giving them a perfect and complete look. By spending a few extra minutes on preparation and being careful with the brushwork, you will end up with stylish, fun stripes that are sure to draw attention.

fyeahilovenails: Nail Art || Stripes