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Gone are the days when brides have to have perfectly symmetrical nails for the big day – NAILS Magazine’s June 2017 issue is a great reminder of why less is often more when creating the perfect nail look for any special occasion. From French manicures to half-moon styles, nail art that is subtle yet bold is sure to stand out in a crowd.

French Manicures

Wrinkles in the French manicure nail art style

French manicures are traditionally a white tip on a natural nail. However, Nails Magazine shows how to kick it up a notch on a bridal manicure by having a wrinkle effect to the French tip. This subtle ombre effect gives the classic French a modern twist that is a surefire way for any bride to make a statement on her special day.

Half-Moon Manicures

Smaller and larger hand-painted stones in a half-moon nail art style

Half-moon manicures featured in the issue show how to make an even bigger statement. Smaller and larger hand-painted stones blend together for a look that captures the engagement ring in an unexpected way. For a bolder look, accentuate the stones by painting over them with metallic shades, such as silver and gold.

Matte + Metallic

A matte black color on the thumb and metallic silver on the other fingernails in a half-moon nail art style

The June 2017 issue of Nails Magazine also suggests pairing matte designs withmetallic. A matte black color on the thumb and metallic silver on the other fingernails creates a stark contrast of textures with the added touch of sparkle, which makes the design especially eye-catching. This could be the perfect choice to show off unique tastes on a big day.

Accent Tips

Various nail art designs with accent tips to add flair to the Finger Nail

For a more subtle style, Nails Magazine recommends adding a simple accent tip to the nail. This can be done by buffing the tips of the nail to a shine and then adding tiny embellishments in metallic, or designing simple patterns with strips of tapes or rhinestones. The combinations of these ideas and more can help create an unforgettable look without going overboard.

Nails Magazine’s June 2017 issue provides ideas for the perfect bridal look. From classic French manicures with a modern twist to a variety of styles with accent tips and rhinestones, the possibilities of nail art are almost limitless. Find the perfect look for any special day, and never underestimate the power of a beautiful manicure.

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