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Nail art design is a great way to express yourself, and there are countless options when it comes to the type of designs that can be done. Neutral designs are becoming increasingly popular because they are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. From subtle glitter designs to subtle ombre shades, these neutral nails will add a touch of sophistication to any look and can be easily applied by both professionals and at-home.

Gold Glitter Accent

The gold glitter accents in this neutral nail art look add glamour and elegance to the design. The accent nails are lined with a thin gold glitter and small stones at the tips to really make them stand out. Neutral nails can be made more interesting with the addition of subtle gold accents like this.

Gold glitter accent nails

Subtle Ombre Shades

This subtle ombre nail art look is perfect for those who are looking for a more sophisticated and demure design. The nail art starts with a light beige at the base and gradually turns slightly darker towards the ends. The neutral shades blend together nicely and create a very polished look.

Glitter French Tips

Add an extra bit of glamour to your neutral look with these glitter French tips. The tips of the nails have a glittery coating, while the rest of the nail has a lighter neutral shade. The combination of the two add a very delicate and pretty effect.

Subtle Print

The subtle prints in this nail art look are very understated and elegant. The beige shade of the nails is wonderfully complimented by the subtle prints on top of them. The combination of the two creates a very soft and feminine feel.


Give your neutral nails an interesting twist with the addition of color blocking. Alternate between different shades of neutral, or add a pop of color for a unique and stylish look. The combination of the different shades creates a modern and eye-catching nail art design.

Negative Space

The use of negative space can create some very unique and unique nail designs. This negative space nail art has peachy hues and a light glitter effect, and the negative space brings a modern edge. It is the perfect design for a chic and sophisticated look.

Sheer Nudes

The sheer nudes in this design create a very classic and timeless look. The gently hued nails are very beautiful and add plenty of sophistication. Create one cohesive look with a monochromatic color palette and you will have a classic and chic design.

Nail art designs can be subtle yet stunning. Neutral designs are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility and chicness. These neutral designs are elegant and sophisticated, and can be made more interesting with the addition of subtle glitter and patterns. From gold glitter accents to sheer nudes, these neutral nail art designs are sure to elevate your look.
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