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Short hair is all the rage right now, and there are no shortage of cool short hairstyles. Whether you’re looking forward to try out something different or just want to stay on top of the latest trends, there are plenty of options. From bold and edgy to flawless and laid-back, here are some of the best short haircuts for men this season.

Level 137

This short hairstyle puts a creative spin on the classic high and tight. It features a longer top, a close-cut high fade, and a severe side part to add some distinction. The sides are cut close but not too short, so it’s easy to style and maintain.

Close-cut high fade with a longer top and severe side part

Ivy League

The Ivy League cut strikes the perfect balance between conservative and modern. It features short sides and back cut with a short-to-medium length on top. The sides can be tapered or faded to give it more of a polished look. It’s a great style for those looking for something simple but well put together.

Neate cut, short sides and back, longer top with a taper and side part

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair makes a bold statement and is great for those looking to stand out. It’s a versatile style that works with a variety of hair textures and lengths. The key is to use some strong-hold pomade or wax to create the desired texture and height. Make sure to comb your hair forward to add some extra definition.

Spiky pixie cut with short sides and back, front pushed forward and up

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair is perfect for dressy events and special occasions. It’s also a great way to show off a handsome face shape. You can use a combination of pomade or wax and a comb to achieve a clean and sleek look. This style works for both wavy and straight hair.

Neate cut, short sides and back, long top swept back with small volume on the top

Short Fade

The short fade is an easy and low-maintenance style. It features short sides with a gradual fade that blends into the scalp. The top can be left longer or cut shorter, depending on your preference. This style is perfect for those with an active lifestyle and requires minimal styling.

Neate cut, short sides and back with a crisp razor line. No top volume

Side Part

The side part is a classic style that works well for most men. This style popular in the 1940s, and has made a big comeback recently. It’s a great way to switch up your look without making a dramatic change. It’s also very easy to style and maintain.

Neate cut, short sides and back, longer top with side part


The undercut is a popular style right now, and it’s easy to see why. It features short hair on top (usually a pompadour), with short sides
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