No Tool Nail Art Design

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Painting nails is an activity that has been around for many years now and is still popular today. The vast array of nail art designs available makes it a hobby that can appeal to all sorts of people. But, sometimes it can be difficult to do intricate designs without the use of tools like brushes and dotting tools. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as one artist has managed to create some artwork with nothing more than a toothpick!

Image of a nail artist creating nail art without tools

The artist, known as Elin, has created what has been deemed the “toothpick + dotticure nails design”. In her tutorial on YouTube, where the image above was taken, Elin demonstrates how she was able to create the intricate design without any additional tools aside from a toothpick.

She begins by applying a base coat of light pink, onto which she creates a white stripe. Using the tip of the toothpick, Elin then creates small white dots all around the nail. On top of the white dots she then adds a single larger red dot, creating a 3D effect.

For the remaining nails, Elin uses the same technique but changes the colour of the dots. On the next nail she uses green, on the third blue and on the last one purple. A sparkly white top coat is then added to complete the look.

The final result is quite stunning and it is incredible to think all of the work was done without the use of tools. This tutorial is proof that it is possible to still achieve some amazing designs without the use of tools – providing you have the creative flair, that is!

If you are looking for some nail art inspiration, then why not take a look at Elin’s toothpick + dotticure nails design tutorial? It could be the perfect way to jazz up your nails, without spending a fortune on extra tools.

No Tool Nail Art Design | Toothpick + Dotticure Nails Design - YouTube