Ombre Bob Hairstyle

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You don’t have to commit to radical hairstyle changes in order to get a fresh new look. Instead, why not opt for something simple and easy, like an ombre bob? A bob is an incredibly versatile cut, and with the addition of an ombre dye job, you’ll get a head-turning, modern look that draws in attention from all corners. Whether you want to go for a subtle, toned-down look, or something more outgoing, the versatility of an ombre bob cut will let you perfectly fit the style to your persona.

Sleek Brunette Ombre Bob

This stunning shoulder-length cut takes advantage of brown hair’s natural highlights and tones, and gives them a major pop with a hint of light blonde. Cut with precision and accuracy around the edges, this sleek bob has an incredibly modern feel, while the subtle ombre gives it a hint of classic style as well.

Picture of Sleek Brunette Ombre Bob

Angled Red Ombre Bob

This sultry ombre bob cuts a graceful silhouette that flatters the face, and gives you plenty of natural body. The angled ends draw the eye down, giving it an edgy feeling, and the two-tone ombre breaks up the standard red for an eye-catching effect.

Picture of Angled Red Ombre Bob

Half-Up Ombre Bob

This cute bob styles the hair in a way that looks amazing both half-up and down. The ombre dye-job adds hints of blonde and gives the blonde highlights a run for their money. The shorter edges create a modern, lightweight looks that make it perfect for hot days and active lifestyles.

Picture of Half-Up Ombre Bob

Beach Blonde Ombre Bob

This layered ombre style has a slightly-messy beach-vibe that pairs perfectly with the faded natural blonde tones. The slight angles of the bob give it shape, while the longer-than-usual length makes it the perfect candidate for a sultry half-up, half-down style.

Picture of Beach Blonde Ombre Bob

Tousled Ombre Bob

This shoulder-length cut takes advantage of layers for body and movement, and has a subtle tousled style that gives it a sexy, windswept look. The combinations of the tousle and the unique dye job make this a style that’s truly unforgettable.

Picture of Tousled Ombre Bob

Side-Part Ombre Bob

This effortless-looking cut draws straight lines around the edges, creating a timeless look and a sharp finished product. Combined with an ombre effect, you can subtly and confidently make yourself stand out with a modern, edge style. The sexy side-part adds volume and creates an extra special look.

Picture of Side-Part Ombre Bob

Caring for an Ombre Bob

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