One Side Bob Hairstyle

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The one-side long, one-side-short bob hairstyle is one of the hottest looks this season. In fact, it is a classic look that works for both long and short hair and can make a statement without being overly flashy. This style is generally an easy look to achieve, making it ideal for any working woman, or even a girl on the go. You can keep your overall look low-maintenance and still look fabulous.

Style Inspiration


The one-side long, one-side-short bob is a style that has a few main variations. You can opt for the look to be dramatically shorter on one side or simply just slightly shorter. The modern style involves a gradual transition from the longer side to the shorter side, while a classic version looks as if one side has been sheared off in one chop. This is a style that can be modified to suit different face shapes and hair types.

Easy Maintenance

The one-side long, one-side-short bob is an excellent choice for the working woman. It requires minimal maintenance and styling. It can be kept sleek enough for the office when left to air dry, and it can easily be dressed up for an evening out. All you need for styling is a bit of product to hold in the definition as well as some styling tools. For a classic look, add a bit of height to the crown. To make it more modern, choose to leave it flat and sweep the shorter side behind your ear.

Versatile Look

No matter your style, the one-side long, one-side-short bob is a versatile look that can be worked into any wardrobe. This bob is best on medium-length hair but can easily be achieved on long or short hair. It is a great style for those who are after something different without an outrageous or dramatic statement. With this look, you can be low-maintenance but still turn heads.

Perfect Transition

Whether you are looking for something spunky, daring, or something a bit more businesslike, the one-side long, one-side-short bob is the perfect transition. It is an easy low-maintenance look that won’t require a lot of time and effort in the mornings. Plus, it is easy to change up with a few simple styling tweaks. With this look, you can let your hair have the freedom to be different from day to day.

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