One Side Long Hairstyle

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Long hair is timeless, no matter the season. So let’s embrace this trend we have something for everyone when it comes to hairstyles. One-sided hairstyles are versatile, flattering and oh so stylish. Whether you want to create an ultra-classy look, a romantic updo or a wild and free style, there is something for everyone!

Fashionable & Flattering

This look has a celebrity feel to it, yet it is wearable and fairly simple to achieve. Keep your hair length as it is, adding slight layers to the bottom and sides. Have the hair just off one shoulder at the same length. The side parting should act as a start for your hairstyle– the longer one-side look is the result.

One-sided Long Hairstyle

Half-up Side Twist

This half-up side twist looks complicated, however it is quite simple to do with the right technique. Gather your hair in half and start to braid. Take a strand of hair from each side of your hair section and twist in the same direction. Keep the twist going until you reach the end of the braid. Secure with a hair elastic and you have your beautiful side twist hairstyle!

Half-up Side Twist Long Hairstyle

High Ponytail

We all know this classic high ponytail hairstyle and the one-side take adds a fashionable twist to this much loved style. Start by gathering your hair over to one side, this time as far to the side as possible. Secure with a band and add body to your hair where desired. An effortless yet chic look, it is perfect for any occasion.

High Ponytail Long Hairstyle

Chic Updos

An updo is as elegant as it gets, but with an additional one-side factor it achieves a totally unique and beautiful look. Start by making a side parting, above all make sure it is to the same side. Tie the hair into a ponytail and twist into a bun. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray for a glamorous finish.

Chic Updo Long Hairstyle

We hope this list of lovely one-sided hairstyles has inspired you, no matter your hair colour or length. Get creative and try out all the possibilities of a one-sided look for something fresh and fashionable for any event.

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