Money matters, and what better way to make a subtle statement about it than with a unique dollar nail art design. Dollar nail art requires little effort and think outside the box creativity. Using coins of different denominations joined together, you can make a simple design that will stand out […]

Newsprint nails, the ultimate combination of chic sophistication and modern art. Whether you’re out on the town or headed to a gallery opening, newsprint nail art can make a statement without saying a word. Incorporating newsprint into nail art isn’t a new concept, but it remains stunning, timeless and interesting. […]

Ahhh shellac nails! They are so special, and add something unique to your look. Shellac nails give you that extra shine, strength and durability that lasts longer than a standard polish. They look gorgeous, and can be enhanced with intricate designs to add even more wow-factor. The latest trend is […]

For eye-catching, yet elegant nail designs, take a cue from this Blue & Silver Mani featuring 3D Nail Art Rhinestone Gems. This style looks amazing and adds a touch of shimmering glamour to any look. To achieve this look, start with a clear base coat for polish adhesion. Then apply […]

When preparing for a fun and relaxing beach vacation, we all want to make sure that our nails look amazing for the occasion too! From vibrant summer colors to exciting vacation-inspired designs, beach vacation nail art can be a great way to get in the holiday spirit and brighten up […]

Christmas is here, and I’m so excited to get started with the holiday looks! Santa Claus is one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas, and today I’m going to show you how to make the perfect Santa Claus Nail Art! This can be done with any type of nail […]

Shiny and festive, silver nails are the perfect way to add some glamour to your outfit. Whether you’re attending an exclusive gala or a night on the town with friends, silver nails are sure to make a statement. With the right colors and shimmering effects, you can create a custom […]

We all know how important it is to have a beautiful manicure. Whether you’re going to a special event or just want to feel good about yourself, having a manicure is one of the best ways to go about it. But coming up with creative and unique manicure designs can […]