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Patriotic Nail Art is a great way to express your love for your country! Whether you’re from Texas or New Jersey, this fun nail art look is sure to show your pride. The look features a bold blue and white design inspired by a jersey, complete with a gold star and a single red nail.

Choose Your Colors

Before you start, choose the colors you’d like to use. The classic blue and white of a jersey is a great starting point. You can either use the same polish color for the entire look or mix and match. To get the red and gold details, you can pick up nail art brushes and metallic polishes, available in any beauty store.

Add Stripes and Stars

Once your base color is dry, it’s time to add the details. Start by painting on stripes of white over the blue areas. To make the stripes perfectly straight, use a striping tape or a nail art pen for precision. After that’s done, use the golden nail polish to create stars, or other small details if you’d like. You can also add silver nail art studs to add some sparkle.

Finish it Off

Once the details are done, it’s time for the red nail. Paint one of your nails with your chosen red polish, then paint a white stripe however you’d like. If the stripe isn’t perfect, that’s ok! The more whimsical, the better.

Once the red nail is completely dry, add a top coat of clear polish. This will ensure that your nail art looks smooth and lasts longer. You can also use a matte top coat if you’d like to switch up the look.

Show Your Pride

Patriotic Nail Art Look

Patriotic Nail Art is easy to do and will make a statement wherever you go. It’s perfect for family gatherings, holidays, or photo shoots. You can also add it to your everyday look, as a reminder of where you come from and all the things you love.

Patriotic Nail Art - Jersey Girl, Texan Heart