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Autumn is here, and that means its time to show off those fashionable autumn patterns. For this nail art tutorial, we’ll be using a simple but eye catching plaid pattern to really make those autumn nails stand out. The colors and patterns here could vary according to your liking, so let’s get crafty and start creating some stylish nail art fit for the season!

Autumn Plaid Nail Art Supplies

  • Base Color of Your Choice
  • Contrasting Color for Plaid
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Nail Art Stripes
  • Nail Art Brush, or similar tool
  • Paper Towel

Begin by applying a base coat, and then a base color of your choice. It is best to go for a lighter color though, since the plaid might otherwise be too difficult to create.

Adding the Plaid Pattern

Once the base color is dry, we are ready to begin adding the plaid pattern. Start by taking two contrasting colors, holding a nail art stripe above nail level, and pressing it gently against the nail to make sure that you get as much polish as possible. Make two stripes like this, one across the top of the nail and another on the bottom.

A hand with nails decorated with a plaid pattern in two contrasting colors

Take a nail art brush, dip it into the contrasting color a few times, and then draw a plus sign on the nail. The top piece of the plus should go in between the two stripes that you’ve already created.

Take a paper towel and dip it into some remover or acetone. Gently rub it over the nail to soften the lines of the plus, while still keeping the contrasting stripes in place. The paper towel should remove any excess polish that is on the nail.

Finishing Touches

To finish off your plaid pattern, simply take some of the same contrasting nail polish and follow the original lines of the plus that you had drawn. This should bring out the plaid design better and make it stand out. Voila, the autumn plaid nail art design is complete!

Don’t forget to finish off the nails with a top coat to keep the design in place. Now your autumn plaid nail art design is ready for the season to show it off. Have fun with the different colors and patterns you can use for this look and let your creativity flow as you get creative with your nails!

Make Nail Art: Easy Autumn Plaid Nails Nail Art Design Tutorial