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Soccer is not just a sport – it is a culture that has taken people by storm. Nowadays, not only adults but kids and teens adore the gameplay and follow international leagues, players and teams. It’s impossible to ignore that soccer has become one of the biggest trends. It even inspired people to invent extraordinary hairstyles dedicated to their favorite sport.

Patterned Faux Hawk

Patterned Faux Hawk Soccer Haircut

Football players and their fans are notably experimental in hairstyles, keeping up with the latest trends. The patterned faux hawk is a popular choice among them. The braid tapers down the sides into clean-shaven portions, and adds style and grace to this modern interpretation of a classic fan favorite.

Maverick Faux Hawk

Maverick Faux Hawk Soccer Haircut

This modern maverick faux hawk is sophisticated with techniques that flaunt the finished hair product. Highlighting the ridges of each segment of the faux hawk really bring this style to life. This look not only surpasses expectations when it comes to keeping up with the times, but also scores a goal when it comes to style.

Flat Top

Flat Top Soccer Haircut

You cannot mistake the classic flat top. This universally accepted style is popular globally, and most definitely on the soccer field. An iconic look, this hairstyle is certain to draw attention from both sides of the stadium.

Short Spikes

Short Spikes Soccer Haircut

The art of styling short spikes is a beauty in itself, and it’s no wonder why we find this look on so many soccer players. The style is kept neat and clean, with each strand spiked into place. This look is the perfect companion to a winning team.

Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour Soccer Haircut

For all the classic gentlemen out there, this modern pompadour is a unique twist on a traditional look. Sporting a slight flattop with a high pompadour, this style gives a contemporary update to the classic fans of your favorite era.

Thinned Side-Part with Well-Groomed Beard

Thinned Side-Part with Well-Groomed Beard Soccer Haircut

This thinned out side-part with a well-groomed beard is a timeless classic. Steeped in tradition and held together by a razor-sharp part, this is the only way to give fine hairstyles an extra edge. Combining the power of the beard and the slimming effect of the side-part, this look is unbeatable.

Soccer is an integral part of society and its culture shapes many aspects of fashion and style. Soccer haircuts are just one example of the amazing fashion trends that come out of this sport. Whether you choose a classic, modern or maverick look, there is a style of soccer haircuts to suite everyone’s individual needs.
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