Dealing with recurring breakdowns that compromised the drinking water supply from both qualitative and quantitiative standpoints, the City of Saint John, NB hired Stantec’s Quebec team to build a new drinking water plant to replace the outdated infrastructure.

Stantec was assigned the main role as designer of the process mechanics for the water treatment facilities (drinking water and wastewater).

The new plant significantly improved the quality of the water distributed to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial clients in Saint John. The state-of-the art facility was designed to meet the city’s needs, with 50% additional capacity to expand the drinking water system. It can now treat up to 75,000 cubic metres per day and store 33,000 cubic metres, the equivalent volume to about 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools, in three new above-ground storage tanks.

Our designers used the principle of gravity flow for the plant design, making it possible to greatly reduce pumping requirements and thus energy consumption of the new facilities. Operating costs therefore also decreased.