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Feel like you’re running out of creative ideas for your nails? Maybe you want to change up your usual routine, or you’re searching for something to kickstart a beautiful new look. Whatever your need, here’s a collection of 103 gorgeous nail art designs and ideas – each sure to bring a little something special to your manicure.

1. Metallic Blues

metallic blue and white nail design

This beautiful combination of metallic blues and whites creates an eye-catching, abstract nail design. The combination of metallic blues and whites keeps the look unified, while the contrast in color helps the subtle details really stand out.

2. Glitter Gradient

glitter orange and beige nail design

This glitter gradient design is perfect for anyone looking to add a little extra sparkle to their nails. The bold orange and beige combination is great for bringing out subtle details. Plus, the glittery finish adds a fun, upbeat feeling to any look.

3. Bold Red Tips

bold red and nude colored nail design

These bold red tips perfectly complement the nude colored base. This look is great for making a subtle but bold statement. The contrast in color pops, while the tips keep the look classic and timeless.

4. Tiny Faux Diamonds

tiny faux diamond nail design

This subtle and elegant design is perfect for the minimalist in all of us. The tiny faux diamond accents make the nails look amazing without the worry of losing a real diamond!

5. Pink Camo

camo pink and white nail design

If you are looking for a unique and edgy look, then this pink camo design is perfect for you! The combination of pink and white creates an unexpected look that won’t go unnoticed. The camo pattern also adds a fun and playful feel to your special look.

6. Classic French Manicure

classic french manicure nail design

This timeless look never goes out of style. The classic french manicure is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a timeless look. The stark contrast between the lightish tips and pink base gives the nails a polished and delicate look.

7. Unconventional Gems

multi-colored gem nail design

This unique design is perfect for anyone who loves the look of sparkly jewels but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of losing a real gem. The combination of various gems and colors creates a fun and unique look that will keep everyone guessing!

8. Color Block

color block nail design

This look is perfect for anyone who loves the idea of playing around with color. The combination of black, white and pink creates a powerful and bold statement that won’t go unnoticed. Plus, the color block design is super easy to recreate at home!

9. Safari Nails

safari black and gold nail design

This beautiful design is perfect for anyone looking to bring a unique twist to their nails. The combination of black and gold creates an eye-catching look that is sure to make a statement. Plus
103 Pretty Nail Art Designs Ideas For 2021 - Soflyme