10 Inch 20 Inch Resin Filter Cartridge

10 inch 20 inch resin filter cartridge, is filled with high-quality cationic resin, which can soften the water and remove the hardness substances in the water, such as calcium, magnesium, etc. The two ends of the filter element are filled with a special PP layer, so that the flow of the filter element is greater and no dirty water flows out. After installing the new filter element, rinse off any resin particles with 5 gallons of tap water.

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10 Inch 20 Inch Resin Filter Cartridge

Description : 

The resin filter element is suitable for the extraction of water sources and biochemical substances with high salt content and the decolorization of sugar solution. The regeneration of resin filter element is carried out with dilute solution of sodium chloride and water. They are widely used in water supply plants, sewage treatment plants, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, hospitals and so on

Filter Media Resin
Inside Diameter28mm
Outside diameter2.5”, 4.5″
Length10″, 20″
Temperature 4-52℃
Flow Rate10”: 2.5GPM(500L/H),

10”BB: 5GPM(1000L/H)


  1. Good adsorption of organic matter;
  2. It can make the filtered liquid decolorized, clear and transparent;
  3. Filterable particles and impurities;
  4. Good deodorization effect;
  5. Residual chlorine in water can be removed.

Compatible with different brands of water purifiers

Standard specification, compatible with all 10 inch and 20 inch water purifiers on the market, including pre water purifier, kitchen reverse osmosis water purifier and multi-stage ultrafiltration water purifier. It can also be used with bulk filter materials

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