14-115 ton Large flow split PVC electric control box sterilizer

14-115 ton Large flow split PVC electric control box sterilizer , is a product with sterilization rate 99.90% and Algae eradication rate 99.90%. It is suitable for swimming pool and industrial UV sterilizer water treatment projects

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14-115 ton Large flow split PVC electric control box sterilizer

Description : 

UV sterilizer is mainly used to kill bacteria, viruses, etc. in water, with a wavelength of 253.7um. We can supply you many kinds

1) Low-power ultraviolet sterilizer (6-55W)

generally used for water purification and fish tank disinfection, you can use domestic lamps, domestic ballasts, or PHILIPS lamps, Philips ballasts. Easy installation and simple operation

2) Conventional ultraviolet sterilizer:

Wide range of applications, simple operation, convenient installation, efficient sterilization, water purification

3) Large and medium UV sterilizer: 

High-power ultraviolet sterilizers (above 110W),110W and above need to use multiple lamps, there will be electric control box type, bracket type, etc., which can be used for sewage and water purification, the lamps used in large sewage projects are cost-effective,like LIGHT SOURCES brand (USA)

4)Side-mounted UV sterilizer :

On the basis of conventional ultraviolet rays, according to the user’s installation requirements, the side-mounted chassis can be customized to prevent the equipment components in the electric control box from being damp and damaged.

5) Customized UV Sterilizer :

On the basis of conventional UV sterilizers, according to the installation requirements of users, special-shaped UV sterilizers such as top in and bottom out, left in and right out, side in and top out can be customized

6)Split type UV sterilizer

Due to the limitations of the installation environment and other factors, the model with the separation of the electric control box and the reaction chamber can be customized. The electric control box is far away from the water source, which can effectively prevent the equipment from getting wet and cause damage to components, and is convenient for replacement and maintenance.

Sterilization diagram

Schematic diagram of UV sterilizer

Installation Schematic diagram of UV sterilizer

Note : The above is the ground installation method (usually larger UV sterilizers), when non-ground installation methods are installed, brackets should generally be installed to ensure the stability of the sterilizer (usually smaller UV sterilizers)

Various specifications of UV sterilizers


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