51208(F56L)manual filter valve water output 8m³/h

51208(F56L)manual filter valve water output 8m³/h, is suitable for 14″ to 24″ size tank . In this valve , it has a connection end with pressure gauge. Good design and good quality with the most competitive price .

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51208(F56L)manual filter valve water output 8m³/h


Manual filter valve adopts end face sealing structure, with metal or plastic handle, can be rotated 180 degrees to install, can be operated under pressure, no leakage, no raw water bypass during flushing. Suitable for household filtration systems

Handle MaterialHand Wheel
Installation WayTop side
Inlet/Outlet Size1.5” M
Drain1.5” M
Base4-8” UN
Riser Pipe1.25”D-GB / 1.66”D
Water Capacity8 m³/h
Tank Diameter Range For Filter14” – 24”
Working Pressure0.15-0.6MPA
Inlet Water Temperature5-50°
Turbidity of inlet water<20FTU
ApplicationActivated carbon filter sand filter
Filter MaterialQuartz sand Activated carbon

Water treatment capacity is related to designed flow rate, inlet water pressure and selected filter material, the above parameters are for reference only.

Operation of Handle and hand wheel


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