53518(N77B1)automatic filter valve water output 18m³/h

53518(N77B1)automatic filter valve water output 18m³/h is used for softening,demineralization or filtration water treatment system.

Suitable for Ion exchange equipment,the raw water hardness≤6.5mmol/L .

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53518(N77B1)automatic filter valve water output 18m³/h


It adopts high flatness and corrosion-resistant end face sealing plate for opening and closing, with reliable sealing. Suitable for swimming pool filter equipment, filtration system, active carbon and  sand filter in RO pretreatment.

Inlet Size2”M
Outlet Size2”M
Base4” to 8 NPSM
Riser Pipe1.5” D-GB
Water Capacity 158³/h
Tank Diameter Range For Filter24” – 30”
Working Pressure0.15-0.60MPA
Inlet Water Temperature5-50℃
Turbidity of inlet water<20FTU
Adaptive power supplyInput AC100~240V 50~60Hz Output
Inlet Water Temperature5-50℃
Output powerDc12V,1.5A

Water treatment capacity is related to designed flow rate, inlet water pressure and selected filter material, the above parameters are for reference only.

Install control valve

Install flow meter

Install drain pipeline

The Function of PC Board

Pipe Connection

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