Brackish RO Membrane BW8040

Brackish RO Membrane BW-8040 is a low pressure reverse osmosis membrane element , and is an aromatic polyamide composite membrane element used for brackish water desalination. It has the characteristics of low pressure operation, high water production and good desalination performance. It has a good removal effect on TOC, SiO2, etc. It is especially suitable for the preparation of high-purity water in the electronics and power industries.

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Brackish RO Membrane BW-8040

1. Description : 

The BW-8040 / BW-4040 elements can separate salts from water and increase permeability while greatly improving salt rejection. This product is ideal for large industrial and municipal water treatment systems.

BW-8040 / BW-4040 elements reduce desalination costs by increasing energy, efficiency and productivity

2. Suitable for

*new-built or existing RO systems.

*high quality permeate while minimizing unit cost.

*various operating conditions with 4″and 8″elements.

3. Specifications

ModlesA inch(mm)B inch(mm)C inch(mm)D inch(mm)
BW-404040(1,016)1.05(26.7)0.75(19) 3.9(99)

Operation Condition

Maximum Operating Pressure : 41 bar(600 psi)

Maximum Operating Temperature :45℃(113℉)

Maximum Pressure Drop per Element : 1.0 bar (15 psi)

pH Range, Continuous Operation :2-11

pH Range, Chemical Cleaning :1-13

Maximum Feed Silt Density Index (SDI15) :5.0

Free Chlorine Tolerance :< 0.1 ppm

4. Dimensions 

ModlesActive Membrane Area
Stabilized Salt Rejection (%)Minimum Salt Rejection %Permeate Flow Rate GPD(m3/d)

Test Condition:

Feed Water Pressure 1.55MPa (225 psi);

Feed Water Temperature 25 °C (77 °F);

Feed Water Concentration 2,000 ppm NaCl;

Feed Water pH 7;

Permeate Recovery 15%.


  1. Permeate flow rates for individual elements may vary ±15%.
  2. Membrane active areas may vary ±4%.
  3. Stabilized salt rejection is generally achieved after continuous using for 24-48 hours, which depending on feed water qualities and operating conditions.

5. Applications :

BW series membrane elements are generally suitable for desalination of brackish water, surface water, groundwater, tap water and other water sources with a salt content below 10000ppm, mainly used in various scales of packaged water, drinking water, industrial pure water, high purity water, boilers Make-up water production, can also be used for wastewater reuse, material concentration, purification and other purposes

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