Cation exchange resin 001*7 water softening resin industrial grade

Name: 001*7 Cation resin

Particle size% (0.315-1.2) mm: 98

Appearance: golden yellow spherical particles

Wet potential density (g/ml): 0.83

Total exchange equivalent (mol/g): 4.69

Moisture content %: 49.39

Functional base: -SO3+

Uses: Boiler water softening, reverse osmosis pretreatment, tap water softening, etc.

Cation exchange resin 001*7 water softening resin industrial grade


Ion exchange water treatment refers to the use of ion exchangers to neutralize the exchangeable ions in the aqueous solution, resulting in reversible exchange that conforms to the quantity rules of the same substances, resulting in improved water quality without substantial change in the structure of the exchanger (chemical). In this water treatment, only cations participate in the exchange reaction, which is called cation exchange water treatment


There are many types of ion exchange resins, mainly divided into cation resin (softening resin), anion resin and polishing resin.

1. Cation resin (softening resin):

The main models are 001*7, 001*8,001*10.

Divided into industrial grade and food grade, Na type and H type, mainly used to remove Ca, Mg, Fe and other metal ions in water, can be regenerated by softening salt

Among them, industrial grade is mainly used for industrial production, and food grade is used for drinking water. Softening effect, food grade is better than industrial grade.

2.Anion resin:

The main model is 201*7, divided into CI type and OH type, mainly used to remove HCO3 and other anions in water

3.Polishing resin:

The main model MB400 is composed of anion and cation resins in different proportions. Mainly used in the production of ultra-pure water, cleaning cars, glass water, etc.

  • MB400 is composed of H-type cation resin and OH-type anion resin in a ratio of 2:3. so the amount of water production is large
  • The conductivity can be reduced, the conductivity can be quickly reduced below 0.00, and the resistivity can reach 18.25 meg-ohms

The resin needs to be used with professional equipment such as FRP tank, valve, and salt tank, etc., and cannot be used alone

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