Industrial pre-filter plastic filter housing

Industrial pre-filter plastic filter housing we supplied is with good Wear-resistant and accurate thread. Silicone sealing ring can reduce the risk of leakage. With 8 stiffeners, water hammer test can bear 28KG.It is more compressive and explosion-proof.

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Industrial pre-filter plastic filter housing


1. Various filter elements can be installed in the filter bottle: PP melt blown filter element, wire wound filter element, resin filter element, granular activated carbon filter element, sintered activated carbon filter element, ceramic filter element, etc., which can filter and remove impurities, organic matter, sediment, rust, peculiar smell and heavy metals in water., calcium and magnesium ions, residual pesticides and residual chlorine, etc.

2. Specifications and performance indicators: There are 10″ and 20″ specifications. There is a pressure relief and exhaust button at the water inlet of the end cover, and an O-ring seal is provided to prevent leakage

3. Structural materials: there are transparent and opaque. Styrene acrylonitrile is transparent, and polypropylene is opaque. End caps are generally made of polypropylene. Buttons are 300 series stainless steel and polypropylene. O-ring of Buna-Sodium Rubber

4. Operating conditions:

Withstand pressure: 125psi (8.8kg/cm2)

Withstand temperature: 120F (50℃)

Burst pressure test: 500psi

Pressure cycle test: 0-150 psi, 100,000 cycles

The flow rate and pressure loss depend on the type of filter housing inner core

Note: Do not place filter housings in direct sunlight

Product Name10” 20”

Blue Filter Housing

Product MaterialPP
Connection size1/2″ 3/4″ 1″Connection MaterialPlastic or Copper
Temperature0-50℃Water Pressure0.1-0.4MPA
Water QualityMunicipal tap waterFilter Specifications10” 20 inch universal filter

Product Details

Internal thread interface

3 kinds of calibers are available, 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ Plastic thread and copper thread can be provided. Good Wear-resistant and accurate thread

High precision leak proof

Silicone sealing ring, non-toxic and odorless, reducing the risk of leakage

8 stiffeners

Water hammer test 28KG, compressive and explosion-proof

Good Design of Pressure relief valve

When the water flow is not smooth, please press it and discharge the gas automatically

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