PP PE Filter Bag

PP PE filter bag we supplied is preferably a deep three-dimensional filter material. The material used is increased by 20%, so that the adsorption capacity of particles can be increased by 25%, and the 3D fiber is increased by 5%, so that the filtration is cleaner. At the same time, the five-thread hemming is used for tight sewing to ensure that each filter bag can achieve the best filtering guarantee, and the surface is treated with polished/felted

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PP PE Filter Bag

The filter bag is a key part of the operation of the bag filter, usually the cylindrical filter bag is vertically suspended in the filter. The fabric and design of the filter bag should try to pursue high-efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effects.

Filter Bag SizeΦ180*420Φ180*810Φ100*210Φ100*380Φ150*550
Flow Rate Max20m3/h40m3/h6m3/h12m3/h18m3/h
Filter Area0.25m20.5m20.09m20.16m20.2m2
Filter Precision1um, 3um,5um,10um,15um,25um,50um,75um,100um,150um,200um
Filter Material PP/PE/Nylon/Teflon
Operating Differential PressurePE /PP : 1.03-1.72 kg/cm2
Operating TemperaturePE : 135℃
PP: 94℃
MO: 135℃
Material of RingGalvanized Steel Ring/ Iron Ring/Plastic Ring

Bonding Technology

  1. Hot melt The filter bags provided by our company use advanced hot-melt bonding technology to ensure that the filter bags have the best bonding strength and prevent leakage.
  2. Sewing The filter bags provided by our company are extremely rigorous, firm and durable, and maximize the sealing effect of sewing joints. The pure sewing thread does not contain any lubricants such as silicone oil, which avoids the secondary pollution problem of ordinary sewing filter bags.


  1. Good heat resistance, can be used for a long time below 280℃;
  2. Dust is easy to peel off;
  3. Good dimensional stability, the glass fiber itself does not shrink at standard temperature;
  4. Good chemical corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance;
  5. High filtration efficiency, can reach more than 99.5%;
  6. Bulk yarn filter cloth (bag) can improve filtration wind speed and filtration efficiency, and reduce the volume of dust removal equipment.

Main Applications :

It is widely used in Cement industry, to kiln tail exhaust; clinker and cooling device exhaust, dust collection; raw material and coal drying kiln exhaust, dust collection; raw material and clinker pulverizes dust collection; raw meal mill, coal mill, dust collection; Shipping machine, silo, dust collection, etc.; For other fields like steel industry, non-ferrous smelting, chemical industry, thermal power generation and carbon ink industry, it is also widely used .

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