For membrane housing, we can provide you glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane housing (FRP), stainless steel membrane housing, and ceramic membrane housing. There are various models, and the models are different according to different functions. Mainly used in seawater desalination and sewage treatment.

RO and NF membrane shells are generally made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or stainless steel, because they have to withstand greater pressure. UF membrane shell is generally made of UPVC or ABS, because the operating pressure of ultrafiltration is generally low (generally less than 0.3Mpa).

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Membrane shells are divided into eight-inch membrane shells (8040) and four-inch membrane shells (4040). The membrane shell has one core, two cores, three cores…seven cores. (8040, 8080, 80120…80280).

There are two connection methods for FRP membrane shell :

2.5″ : End Port Connection

4″ : End Port Connection and Side Port Connection

8″ : End port connection and side port connection

300PSI ,400PSI ,450PSI ,600PSI ,800PSI ,1000PSI ,1200PSI

According to the sealing form of the end cover, it is divided into: clamp type, flange type, built-in type;

According to the water inlet method, it is divided into: end inlet and side inlet.

Pressure resistance: 2.0~2.5MPa

Water inlet method: water inlet at both ends, water inlet on both sides

Structure: standard spare parts, easy to disassemble

Sealing: pressure tested

Organizational structure at both ends: clamp type, card type, inner spring type.

Stainless steel membrane housing perform the best on the quality and pressure -bearing . However , because of the materials limitations, the price is the highest among all kinds of the membrane housings